How to buy a Faber

A fire or stove is not something you simply buy: it must give you years of enjoyment. And so it's certainly worth the effort of careful consideration, preparation and execution.

Assistance from the fire specialist

You can work it out together.

Before buying your perfect fire, it is sensible to talk to the Faber fire specialist. Together, you can discuss your requirements and preferences, and convert your idea into a design that suits your home.

What type of fire?

The most important question

There are many shapes and sizes of fire. Various fuels and sizes, all adaptable to your requirements. The main question: what type of fire do you want? Gas or electric: they each have their own advantages.

What is the purpose of the fire?

Should the fire radiate heat, or is that not necessary? And if so: will it be your main source of heat or secondary source? These are important considerations.

Where is the fire to be positioned?

Decide where you would like to fit the fire. Then check with the fire specialist whether it can actually be installed in that location.

Also take into account

To see whether a fire fits your budget, it is important to list the actual costs of the fire, its installation and its use. Once again, the fire specialist can help you.

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