The e-SliM Linear!

The e-SliM Linear offers a realistic, dynamic and 100% safe fire view that convinces through the combination of naturally swirling cold water vapor and energy-efficient LED light. Specially developed to fully enjoy a swirling, atmospheric fire, without the limitations of a traditional gas or wood fire. An alternative where fossil fireplaces are not (any longer) desired or allowed.


The e-MatriX Vertical!

With our new e-MatriX Vertical we are
responding to this clear market demand and
because it is 100% electric, we also offer a
unique proposition. Thanks to our patented
water vapor technology, we are the only
fireplace manufacturer in the market to offer
a fully-fledged vertical see-through fireplace.
Add to this the lack of an chimney need and
the application possibilities are endless!

Nothing is quite as homey as a fire. For more than 175 years we have been giving people a warm welcome in their own home.

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