service and maintenance
service and maintenance

Service and Maintenance

It is important that you maintain your fire properly to ensure everything is in top condition and completely safe. It guarantees continued optimum enjoyment of your Faber fire.

Maintenance by you

To enjoy the beautiful fire, it is important to clean the panes. Only use the special Faber cleaning products. We recommend the Faber glass cleaner that protects the coating and cleans quickly and properly. Check the manual of your fire!

Professional maintenance

You need to perform a periodic check of the fire (gas and electric). Contact your Faber dealer to make an appointment.


Do you have problems with your fire? You can contact your Faber dealer or make an appointment with an engineer.

Craftsmanship & Safety

Carbon monoxide free

From 1 April 2023, all installation companies operating in the Netherlands, working with gas combustion plants must be CO-certified. Companies without a valid certificate will no longer be allowed to carry out work on gas combustion plants. They are in violation if they do. All our mechanics and service staff hold a Certificate of Professionalism CO. For all our dealers and service partners, they are responsible for the correct certification themselves. By consciously choosing a company that is CO certified, you are assured of safe installation and maintenance of your fireplace.

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