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If you choose a Faber fire, you are choosing the best care and service. We would like to help.

Register your Faber Fire

Did you buy a Faber fire? It is important that you register it with Faber. It ensures we can provide you with information about keeping your fire in top condition, but we also provide tips and tricks for maximum enjoyment of your Faber fire.

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Find a dealer

Faber has a comprehensive network of qualified fire specialists. If you have a question, an issue, or if you are interested in buying a Faber fire, these dealers have our fires on display and they are the place to go to for advice and service.

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You have a 2-year manufacturer's warranty from Faber. Remember, this only applies to the Faber fire itself. The warranty on the surround and the installation are via the Faber dealer. Would you like to know more about the warranty conditions?

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Service and maintenance

It is important that you maintain your fire properly to ensure everything is in top condition and completely safe. It guarantees continued optimum enjoyment of your Faber fire.

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