Nothing is quite as homey as a fire. For more than 175 years we have been giving people a warm welcome in their own home.

Faber fires

Together around the fire. A good glass of wine, your favourite music, the warmth around you, the light of the dancing flames. Stories just keep coming about what happened to you that day, things from your past, and plans and dreams for the future. Stories you tell in this atmosphere of trust and warmth.
There is so much to tell…

Look at the fire and see how the flames dance around the wood. Be enraptured...
With more than 175 years of craftsmanship, Faber is the expert in fires. Enjoy the most beautiful flame effect, our craftsmanship, and tasteful style. Whether you go for gas, electric or biopropane, with a Faber fire you create atmosphere in your home.

“As Faber fire specialists, we are not easily satisfied. And we expect the same ambition, drive and enthusiasm from our suppliers. Since our start-up some 20 years ago, our cooperation with Faber has been enjoyable, profitable and educational, as it should be. Faber staff, thanks for that!”

T. van Tiel
Van Tiel haarden, Veghel, the Netherlands

The fire makers

With 175 years of craftsmanship, innovations, a visionary outlook and our passion, we have become the expert in fires. Faber is responsible for inventions that have become standard in the international market, and they are our pride and passion!

The fire makers of Faber develop the most beautiful ambient fires. However, that passion goes beyond the fire, its connective and calming effect is just as important to us. We want you to enjoy atmosphere and cosiness together with your friends and family.

Brand values


We create a warm world that invites you to share your stories. You are welcomed home when you have a Faber Fire.


We create a warm world that invites you to share your stories. You come home properly to a Faber Fire.


The very best quality is a given in everything we do and make, either now or in the future.


Light the spark of connection.

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