The heart of every Faber fire

The patented burner

Our famous flame effect starts with our burners. This Faber specialisation is based on years of in-house development and experience. Together with the decorations, such as a log set, the burner determines the ‘character’ of the fire you look at; broadly spread in the fire, or in the middle, stretched out or vertical, more dynamic or really calm. It's a matter of taste!

Log Burner®

The ‘original’

A Faber Log Burner gives you the fire of your memories or dreams - beautiful, lively flames that tickle along standing or lying logs. It is easy to control the height of the flames with the supplied remote control, which has a number of convenient additional functions. In the free-standing Faber Blokhus and Vejen, the Log Burner is combined with the Faber light module, which lights the ash bed from below and produces an extra warm glow, even when the flames are turned down low or the fire itself is switched off; see page 28 for more details. The Faber Log Burner is a concept in the world of fires.

No gas connection, but you would like a gas fire? No problem!

You don't have a permanent gas connection or you'd rather not be dependent on one? All Faber gas fires are suitable for use on propane gas or biopropane gas. The gas does not come via the gas pipe to the gas fire, but through smartly connected gas bottles. You can enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of the gas fire of your choice, even without a natural-gas connection.

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