The new Matrix See Through and Room Divider - new possibilities for interior design

on | 2 min read
In 2019, the MatriX series was expanded with an 800/500 See-Through and Room Divider version. These built-in models are available in the 3 fuel options of Faber.

Due to their design, the MatriX Room Divider (RD) and See Through (ST) offer excellent ways of integrating fires centrally into an interior, thus guaranteeing the view of the fire from many angles. The new MatriX 800/500 'RD' and 'ST' are immediately available for 3 types of fuel - natural gas, biopropane or as electrically powered 'e-'MatriX, where the fire effect is created from water mist. An important advantage of the electric version is that a chimney is not needed and therefore no longer plays a role in the interior design.

The standard gas versions of the RD and ST come with a newly designed log set, consisting of large logs ('Big Logs') lying on a bed of glowing charcoal and ash, with flames curling around the logs. A normal log set will be available in time.

For the electric (e-MatriX) versions of the RD and ST models, there is already a choice of a normal log set or the so-called ‘Big Log’ log set.