New: MatriX Linear Fires

on | 5 min read
This spring, Faber introduced 3 new models of MatriX fires, equipped with the new Faber Line Burner. This introduction is an important extension of the MatriX modular range. It gives the Faber fire specialist more ways of putting together a MatriX fire in line with the customer’s wishes.

These new models with a line burner are available in 3 inset widths: 800, 1050 and 1300, with an inset height of 400. The depth of the fire is limited to 350 mm (excluding depth frame), for a small installation depth. The double line burners are located one after the other and fill the entire width of the fire. They can be switched on separately or together and can be adjusted continuously. This ensures a rich fire effect and low heat production even when the fire is turned down low. The ignition is automatic and equipped with safe flame monitoring by means of ionization. Thanks to the ionization, the fire starts almost immediately and gas is saved because a pilot light is no longer needed. The line burners are also extremely suitable for working on propane or biopropane. Faber is unique in this. There is a choice of horizontal logs and various types of stone as decoration options. The central control unit comes from Honeywell. This control unit comes standard with an ITC control module that can be operated with the Bluetooth remote control or with a smartphone or tablet with the free Faber ITC-app.

The updated Faber ITC app makes operation and maintenance more convenient and efficient

Faber’s own ITC app for smart control of Faber gas fires was updated completely this spring and has more options than ever before. A notable improvement for the fire specialist is the strong expansion of the 'dealer level' of this app. The result - significant savings on service and maintenance time due to clear diagnostic information. The consumer can use the app to choose convenient operating functions that increase comfort, efficiency and safety.

The Faber app makes it possible for you to control Faber fires from the touch screen of your own tablet or smartphone. These displays are easier to read than most standard remote controls, and they are much more convenient to operate because of the touch screen function.
The new symbols and menu structure of the Faber ITC app mean that all functions of the fire are now even easier to control, such as flame height, pre-programmed settings (e.g. 'party' or 'romantic', 'eco'), room temperature, energy consumption ('window-open function', 'presence detection') and safety ('auto cut-off' and 'two-button operation').

One important improvement of the new app is intended for Faber fire specialists - the same app contains a separate area where the service technician can read a complete overview of the technical settings and the usage history during installation and service. This includes any faults that may have occurred and the associated service requirements. In addition, each service message is shown on the display in text rather than as a numerical code. The clear diagnostics and statistics facilitate important time and cost savings during installation and periodic maintenance.