Faber focuses on broadening and deepening the MatriX model series

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The MatriX series forms the pinnacle of the well-known Dutch fires brand Faber. These built-in fires are characterised by their patented fire effect, overall quality, energy efficiency and safety. As the name 'MatriX' implies, this series of gas and electric built-in fires is 'modular', making it easy to create the fire that matches your needs.

In the spring of 2019, Faber introduced 5 new MatriX fires - 3 models with a double line burner, a see-through fire and a room divider version. Furthermore, for the 100% electric e-MatriX models, there is an electric additional heating unit available as an option.

This spring, Faber also launched the revamped Faber ITC control app at the ISH in Frankfurt. From now on, MatriX gas fires - except for the 450 - are equipped with Honeywell control systems.

The MatriX range is 'modular’ - for recognisable quality in any size

As the name 'MatriX’ implies, the MatriX range of built-in fires is modular. This allows the fire specialist to use one series of related MatriX models to create the fire that is the best possible match to almost any interior décor and to suit the client's needs.

The MatriX series now offers a choice of 5 inset widths, 3 inset heights and 5 different view versions, ranging from a front fire to a see-through fire. Depending on the model, the decoration can be chosen from a vertical wood set ('camp fire'), with or without the patented Faber Symbio glowing embers lighting, or from horizontal logs or stone types. There are also various accessories, such as back wall finishes and anti-reflective glass, to personalise the fire even further.

A unique aspect of the MatriX series is that you can choose from no fewer than 3 different fuel types for most models - natural gas, biopropane and propane, and fully electric ('e-'MatriX').

The advantage of the modular composition - the name "MatriX" is always synonymous with top quality in every respect; great freedom of choice when putting together the ideal fire, with the certainty of a high-quality, patented fire effect and ingenious technical quality.

So, familiar and recognizable for the consumer and the fire specialist.