Faber and Dimplex head the field in transition to more sustainable fireplaces

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Sustainable use of gas, the energy transition and the use of alternative types of energy such as electricity are all current themes in the world of decorative fireplaces. And of course the recent global development have made working from home more relevant than ever before.

For the 20-21 season, Glen Dimplex Flame Europe will be adding an impressive 11 brand new gas and electric fireplaces to the Faber and Dimplex ranges, fitted with numerous patented innovations for both gas and electric fires. The new models will be marketed this autumn, in no less than 44 different versions, in order to most optimally meet all the personal home interior requirements of fireplace fans. Faber and Dimplex are quite literally ‘on fire’ and are the pioneering fireplace brands in the transition to a more sustainable world, in which there are plenty of options to enjoy a built-in fireplace, now and in the future. This is the result of constant product development and more than 175 years’ experience.  


Gas-fired electric fireplaces: the hybrid Faber MatriX RD and ST 

Faber continues its endless development of gas fires, aiming for a rich and stylish fire experience with minimum gas consumption and as little heat as possible. True innovators in this field are the completely newly developed MatriX Room Divider (RD) and See Through (ST) with Hybrid Pro Light (HPL) technology. Generously sized built-in fireplaces which can combine an unusually rich fire experience with an amazing fifty percent reduction in gas consumption and related heat production. They can also therefore be considered to be the first gas-fired electric fireplaces! Ideal for anyone who appreciates a sumptuously decorative fireplace but often doesn't need the actual heat of a fire.

The truly innovative performance of the new MatriX RD and ST is achieved through a combination of newly developed, sectional burner technology with square burner tubes and innovative LED light projection, straight through the heart of the gas fire. In which the dynamic LED technology is aimed at adding to the gas flames but also partially replacing them.

First and foremost, this new hybrid technology provides a surprisingly realistic and rich total experience of flames, lively glowing logs and sparks in the glow bed, while at the same time halving your gas consumption and heat production, when compared with a gas fire without HPL technology!  
In fact, the heat output at the lowest setting has even been reduced to a mere 2.2 kW, without losing any of the stylish glowing flames throughout the fireplace. At the lowest setting, the minimum consumption of standard gas fires is currently more than double that: around 5 kW.

Thanks to the HPL module and the quality wood set, the warm glow in the latest MatriX fires is a feast for the eye even without the gas flames, making it a heart-warming feature in the home all year round. And truly of our time, as we want to enjoy our fires but in a responsible manner.
The new MatriX RD or ST with HPL module is available in two standard sizes: 800/500 and 1050/500. These fires can be operated comfortably via the standard remote control or an app for smartphone or tablet.

Faber E-MatriX Linear; new LED technology gives an impulse to fireplace architecture

Faber is once again expanding on the large series of MatriX fireplaces for the 20-21 season, this time adding an electric version of a gas model. New this year are the electric versions of the Linear fire models: modern, streamlined fireplaces with a viewing height of 400 mm, and either 1050 or 1300 mm wide. A striking feature is the strongly developed LED technology that lifts the flames experience to an even higher level. Just like the gas versions, the E-MatriX Linear models will be directly available in three different looks.

The flames in the e-MatriX (introduced by Faber in 2017) are an amazing combination of rising cold water mist and LED light. The ultimate alternative without the need for wood or gas, emission free and suitable for use almost anywhere; a water supply and 230V connection are all you need. The Linear version of this new generation of E-MatriX now has even more LED technology. Alongside the flames themselves, the new LED light optics in the new e-MatriX are now also applied for dynamic lighting both under the glow bed and to illuminate the fireplace interior. Light intensity, dynamics and even the light colours can all be set to your own preferences, or simply choose one of the various preset 'moods'. They're easy to adjust, via a standard app supplied for your smartphone or tablet.
This new generation of LED optics opens up a world of new possibilities. In combination with the quality wood set, this new LED light technology provides flames whose intensity is more convincing and fascinating than ever before; like a realistic wood fire.
With a decoration of white pebbles or acrylic ice (glass particles), the new multicolour light technology also offers a wide range of innovative and creative possibilities to fully personalise the look of your fireplace; according to your surroundings, personal mood or the occasion, whatever the season.
And if you’d like some pleasant warmth just in front of the fireplace – it now includes a standard electric heater of max. 2 kW, to blow warm air into the room via the fireplace glass. For an even more realistic experience, up close to the fireplace!
The new e-MatriX Linear Fires are the ultimate alternative for a gas or wood fire, and even offer new possibilities where a wood fire or gas fire would not be possible or desirable. Inspiration for innovative and future-proof interior architecture!

Faber E-Box; an affordable series of built-in electric fireplaces 

Faber is a trendsetter in electric built-in fireplaces. Directly under the (e-)MatriX top range, Faber is introducing a new series of built-in fireplaces: the E-BoX. For those people looking for the essence of an electric Faber fireplace but who appreciate the excellent price-quality ratio. The e-BoX will be available in the standard dimension of 1000/500, both as a front model and see-through model.

The E-BoX technology is based on the unique and patented flame technology used in Faber's top range E-MatriX: a combination of rising cold water mist and LED light that is always fascinating. The only difference is the slightly more limited features. There is a choice of interior decoration, with wood logs, white pebbles or acrylic ice (glass particles). The interior is protected by a frameless glass panel, on one or both sides. A remote control and a virtually silent, invisibly incorporated extra heater of 1 kW with a thermostat, all complete the e-BoX, making it very accessible to a wide group of fireplace fans. A water connection and 230 V electricity are all that’s needed for installation. All this makes the new e-BoX suitable for installation in places where a gas fire would not be possible or desirable.

New top models from Dimplex, leader in electric fireplaces 

We are seeing continued and increased interest in electric fireplaces. As the world’s largest producer of quality electric fireplaces, Dimplex offers a wide range of solutions: from ready-made fireplaces to modular, built-in units for professional applications. The 20-21 season will see two new top series being added to the Dimplex range: the Vivente series and the new Cassette Projects.

The new Vivente is an electric, horizontally designed built-in fireplace making use of the best and latest patented Revillusion technology. This ensures an optimum depth effect in the fireplace interior, and flames that rise up in the centre of the fireplace. The Vivente will be directly available in many models: three insert widths (75, 100 and 150 cm), each of them easily modified to give a front fireplace, a two-sided or three sided fireplace.  

The standard Vivente is very complete. The incorporated multicolour top and bottom lighting allows you to adjust the flames to your taste, your mood and to the room interior. There is a choice of decoration options, varying from an attractively finished wood set to various types of stone. The rear wall is interchangeable, and a number of rear panels with matching steel and stone designs are provided as standard. It includes a motion sensor, to switch on the fireplace automatically when entering the room. And of course a silent thermostatic 2 kW extra heating unit and a remote control. The Vivente offers an excellent quality/price ratio.

The well-known Dimplex Cassette series features inset fires of various lengths, which produce flames formed using a safe cold water mist and LED light (our Optimyst flame technology). The flames flicker freely in the air, and the system is ideal for incorporation in plateaus, walls and cupboards, both in the home and in public spaces. For 20-21, Dimplex is introducing a special Professional version of the Cassette 500 and 1000, designed specifically for professional use. This version offers the possibility of operating a number of linked units simultaneously, using a system of double water misting units and with a permanent water connection.