Enrich your home, with fire from water

on | 2 min read
Our house is a place to feel at home. A place that needs to suit your living requirements. What will your next building project be? A pool in the garden, a sauna in the basement or a romantic fire in the living room? The possibilities are often determined by technical limitations, and at that point alternatives are very welcome.

A unique fire technology makes it possible to enjoy a soothing fire in places where that was previously impossible or prohibited.Without a flue, emissions, gas or wood. The Faber e-MatriX surprises with an unusual fuel - water.Swirling water mist is lit with special LED lights, which creates an extremely realistic, three-dimensional fire effect. Glowing embers and the sound of a crackling fire complete the experience of a real wood fire.

Best of all is that a socket and a water connection are all you need. A flexible and extremely thin hose provides a permanent water supply. As nothing is burned, there is no heat release and the ambient temperature remains the same. This fire can even be used in the middle of summer. However, if you don't want to be without the cosy warmth of a fire, you can choose the optional electric additional heater function, where a small, low-noise heating unit is integrated into the surround.

Whether you have a see-through model or a room divider, the e-MatriX can be created to facilitate any size and style. Installation is simplified because heat insulation and the construction of a flue are simply not necessary. It means that the dream of an ambient fire in your home can be fulfilled at any stage. The low energy and water consumption and the user-friendliness complete the benefits of theFaber e-MatriX.