The patented burner

The heart of every Faber fire

Our famous flame effect starts with our burners. This Faber specialisation is based on years of in-house development and experience. Together with the decorations, such as a log set, the burner determines the ‘character’ of the fire you look at; broadly spread in the fire, or in the middle, stretched out or vertical, more dynamic or really calm. It's a matter of taste!

Sparkling fire

Emberbed Burner®

The Faber Emberbed Burner produces a compact, crackling fire. You can choose to combine the fire with horizontal decorative logs on a bed of ash and amber-coloured stones that enhance the flames’ light. Alternatively, you can choose white Carrara pebbles. The operation is integrated into the remote control.

No gas connection, but you would like a gas fire? No problem!

You don't have a permanent gas connection or you'd rather not be dependent on one? All Faber gas fires are suitable for use on propane gas or biopropane gas. The gas does not come via the gas pipe to the gas fire, but through smartly connected gas bottles. You can enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of the gas fire of your choice, even without a natural-gas connection.

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