Free-standing Faber fires

Warmth and cosiness - the focal point of your home

A free-standing fire as a focal point

A free-standing Faber fire is the focal point of your home. Literally! Wonderful to sit around and to enjoy the beautiful flame effect. A free-standing Faber fire is just as good as our beloved built-in gas fires and have full flames at any height, decorated with life-like decorative wood logs or white Carrara pebbles.

The free-standing Faber fires are easy to operate and are equipped with the latest technology. They are available in a range of versions - standing or hanging, with vertical wood logs like a camp fire, or horizontal wood logs, with three-sided glass or glass just at the front. There is a free-standing Faber fire to match your personal taste and interior décor.

Fits any décor

Faber built-in fires can be modified completely to your aesthetic requirements.

The latest technology

Our fires can be operated with a remote control or with your smartphone.

Different versions

Whether you go for gas or electricity, a Faber fire always makes a house snug.

Free-standing indoor fires