Faber's electric fires

A beautiful flame effect without burning anything. A Faber electric fire is the fire of the future.

About Faber electric fire

A Faber electric fire provides the warm feel of fire and atmosphere but without emissions or burning anything. It gives you carefree enjoyment of a Faber fire, anywhere in your home and even in your office or in a hotel. The electric fires are suitable for almost any room, without requiring major renovations, and are available in many different types and sizes. With the various options and decoration options there is a Faber electric fire for everyone.

The e-MatriX series

Built-in electric fires

Building and living without gas is a current topic. However, it doesn’t mean you have to do without the wonderful atmosphere of a fire. With a Faber e-MatriX fire you bring the warmth of a fire into your home, without needing a gas connection or a flue. Full of atmosphere and future-proof.

The e-MatriX series uses a special technology - swirling cold-water mist and special LED lights. You can even hear the crackling sound of a fire. Just what you expect from a real log fire, but without the traditional restrictions and limitations! The e-MatriX does not produce heat, and therefore has no impact on your heating or climate-control system. If you do want to feel some warmth near the fire, you can opt for a small, silent heating unit that blows warmth from the fire towards you, whilst retaining that wonderful warm glow (optional at an additional cost).

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