What do you need for a built-in fire or a free-standing fire?

5 min read
What do you need for installing a built-in fire or a free-standing fire? In this article we explain step by step how you can have your dream fire at home. What do you need exactly?

An idea or a plan - what is your dream fire?

It all starts with a plan. Take a look a the types of models and versions on our website for inspiration. You would like to see some more ideas? In our cases you can see where and how our fires come into their own. Spend some time thinking about the type of fuel.

Decide what you want your fire for - ambience, warmth or both? Take your time and explore, use all the available media about interior design, home furnishings, fires, etc. Visit the showroom of the Faber fire specialist to have a good look at the fires whilst they burn, so you can see the fire effect, the decoration and the finish you like. Fires are a matter of taste after all.

"Does your dream fire fit your home and décor from a technical and space point of view?"

A suitable place - where should the fire be?

Does your dream fire fit your home and décor from a technical and space point of view? To determine that, you need to consider a few things. Is there enough room for inset or installation, is there a suitable flue, or is it possible to install one? Are there other connections available, such as gas/water and mains electricity?Also consider the finish of the surround or the space around the stove. Take a look at the specific inset and usage instructions and options of your house and your region. In this step you can really benefit from the advice and experience of the Faber fire specialist.

A design proposal that suits your wishes and the possibilities

Faber fire specialists will be pleased to help you with designing a fire that suits your idea and the available space. They will also help you with a design proposal for your décor, provide you with clear insight into the costs and the work of purchasing, installing or modifying the connections and the finish.With the online drawing programs SketchUp and PaletteCad you can get started - both programs contain all the Faber fires!

If the proposal meets your needs and possibilities, it is time to build your dream fire.