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The interior of an e-MatriX fireplace - what choices are there?

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Fire enthusiasts often prefer a fireplace with logs. But when you choose the electric e-MatriX decorative fireplace, one can also choose alternatives made of stone and glass. These alternative decorations immediately give the inside of the fireplace a completely different look. And in combination with the optional top and bottom lighting, you can adapt the look even better to the ambience and style you want. Und such very easy, with the included control app. And thanks to the LEDs, this lighting is very energy-efficient.

Why does the type of decoration make so much difference?
A fireplace is the centerpiece of many interiors. That is why you regularly look at it 'naturally', regardless of whether the fire is burning, glowing or switched off. Due to the differences in shape, size, color and type, each decoration not only has its own appearance, but also how the light is reflected in the fireplace and how the flames swirl. A conscious choice pays off.

Deco hout

Wood – of all times
The choice for wooden logs may seem 'traditional', but wood fire is the archetypal form of our fire and is therefore a favorite of many. The sight of glowing ash, smoldering blocks and swirling flames is a source of tranquility, inspiration and new energy for enthusiasts. The wood set of the e-MatriX consists of very true-to-life loose logs made of durable ceramic; Each piece is detailed by hand and together they form a fascinating whole. With the optional top and bottom lighting, you can tailor the glow around the trunks to the ambient light. This is also possible without the flames, so that the fireplace appears to glow beautifully.

Deco glas

‘Ice’ or pebble - surprisingly different
An equally special and chic alternative to wood is Acrylic Ice: transparent stones in different sizes, like pebbles made of ice. Especially in combination with the optional bottom lighting, the interior of the fireplace with Acrylic Ice becomes a source of sparkling light. Brightness, color and dynamics can be easily adjusted via the e-MatriX app. As a result, the fireplace, with or without the flame image switched on, effortlessly functions as a mood maker, as a dynamic light object, or both. A decoration that can be used in many different interior styles.

Deco Kiezel

White Carrara is a decoration consisting of matt white, flattened pebbles, which give the fireplace interior a pleasantly light and modern look at all times. The rounded shapes are reminiscent of stones in a riverbed. The optional top and bottom lighting with Carrara pebbles creates a fascinating spectacle: the light from the bottom lighting (Bottom Light) remains visible between the pebbles. The white top of the stones reflects the orange-red glow of the fire image or the color of the top lighting (Top Light). By 'playing' with colours, brightness and dynamics, you create unique lighting effects that match the desired atmosphere.


Black glass back wall
Would you like an even deeper-looking fireplace and even more reflection of the flames and glow? Then a black glass back wall is a valuable extra. The black glass reflects part of the glow and the flames, providing an extra dynamic image.

In short: thanks to the choice of decorations and optional lighting, the Faber e-MatriX offers you many more options than, for example, a wood-burning fireplace. The optional top and bottom lighting significantly enhances the appearance of the fireplace interior.