How user friendly is a fire

How user friendly is a fire?

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That depends on the fire you choose. Do you prefer to fiddle with a fire, or would you rather leave it alone? Those are your options!

A wood fire

A wood fire requires a lot of attention. You need to buy and add wood, you need to control the height of the flames regularly and you need to have your chimney swept periodically. The fire can also produce a smell in the living environment. That has its charms, but it is quite a lot of work.


A gas fire

A modern gas fire, like a Faber, you can generally ignite and set from your comfy chair with one push on the remote control. After that it doesn't require any more of your attention.The chimney doesn't need to be swept and you don’t have to worry about wood. You just need to clean the glass from time to time and to have the fire checked annually by a Faber specialist.


An electric e-MatriX fire

If you compare the e-MatriX with the fires above, this fire is extremely convenient in use. The e-MatriX barely requires maintenance and its consumption costs are low.

You don't need a chimney and the fire has no emissions. Energy consumption is low and therefore the costs are too. The fire doesn’t produce any heat, which makes it a safe choice for public spaces or if you have children or pets. The fire just needs to be checked annually by a Faber specialist.