The benefits of a free-standing fire

The benefits of a free-standing fire

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A built-in fire is absolutely wonderful, but not always convenient in every home. On the other hand, free-standing fireplaces do have benefits compared to a built-in fire. Come and take a look!
The benefits of a free-standing fire


Free-standing fires can be installed pretty much anywhere - including in the middle of the room or a little away from the wall. You don't need a surround or a fireplace, unless you want to disguise the flue.

Cosy around the fire

As a free-standing fire is often in the middle of the room, you can all sit around the fire together. An old-fashioned camp fire idea!

Nostalgic atmosphere

The characteristic shape of a free-standing fire brings a nostalgic atmosphere to your home.

From classic to modern

The Faber free-standing fires are available in various versions and styles. Is your décor classical or actually extremely modern? There are so many different options! Take a look at the free-standing fires in our collection.