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e-Box Burner

Faber is introducing a second electric burner for the e-BoX series, based on the burner of the e-MatriX. The flame effect is produced by the combination of cold-water mist and special LED lights - a patented invention. This unique combination produces a three-dimensional effect that looks convincingly like flames and smoke, swirling up through a decoration of logs, white pebbles or sparkling acrylic crystals. An ultra-thin flexible water hose and a regular socket are all that’s needed for the connection. Another water supply option is to use a built-in reservoir and optional ‘pump kit’.

Built-in heat

The e-BoX comes standard with a small additional heating unit with a maximum capacity of 1kW that is incorporated invisibly in the fire. The warm airflow is blown into the room through an opening in the pane. The controls are integrated in the remote control. Comfortable and controllable heat.

Environmentally-friendly & energy-efficient

Fireplace of the future

The fire in our electric fireplaces is created by cold water vapour and energy-efficient LED lighting. Made from pure tap water and therefore with 0% harmful emissions. Energy consumption, without additional heating, is comparable to an average television. With thermostatic heating, interaction timer and open window detection where the fireplace identifies sudden temperature differences and switches off the heating, energy consumption can be reduced even further.

Antimicrobial treatment

All parts of our products that come into direct contact with water are equipped with the special antimicrobial silver ion technology. This technology proactively inhibits/disrupts the growth of bacteria/microbes and remains active throughout the life of the product, providing lasting protection. Proven to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99%.

Ceramic Logset

Our ceramic logs decoration set is of very high quality and can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. With the ceramic log set you opt for a timelessly classic look for your fireplace. This high-quality classic decoration set is the standard in all our fireplaces and fits into any interior.

Acrylic Deco set

Optionally you can choose the special Acrylic Ice decoration set. With this set you give your fireplace an ultra-modern look. The decoration set consists of specially developed transparency "ice shards" that cover the bottom of your fireplace.

Carrara Deco set

Optionally, you can also opt for a decoration set with Carrara pebbles. The famous Carrara pebbles are snow-white in color and fall under the marble types. This white type of marble has a luxurious appearance and comes into its own in modern sleek interiors.

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