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The interior of an e-MatriX fireplace - what choices are there?

Fire enthusiasts often prefer a fireplace with logs. But when you choose the electric e-MatriX decorative fireplace, one can also choose alternatives made of stone and glass. These alternative decorations immediately give the inside of the fireplace a completely different look. And in combination with the optional top and bottom lighting, you can adapt the look even better to the ambience and style you want. Und such very easy, with the included control app. And thanks to the LEDs, this lighting is very energy-efficient.

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Have a sustainable fire at home

Have a sustainable fire at home

If you are looking for a fire at home, but you also care about the environment, you may be wondering whether a fire is sustainable. The good news is that with the excellent construction quality and modern components, Faber built-in fires are made to last for many years. A sustainable investment in your living comfort! In this article we explain why gas fires and electric fires may be a sustainable choice in other respects too.

Fire type: gas Sustainability
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