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The camp-fire experience

Faber Log Burner® 2.0

The Log Burner® 2.0 brings memories of a flickering camp fire to life with standing logs in the middle, surrounded by lying blocks. The flames can burn in the middle or around the logs, as you like. The fire starts up in just a few seconds and the height of the fire can be set with accuracy.

The ash bed is lit from below with glowing embers lighting - Faber Symbio®. It makes the fire look full with a warm glow, even when the flames are set low. All of it is easy to operate with the supplied remote control. Additional functions are available with the Faber ITC app, via your smartphone or tablet.

The atmosphere of red-glowing charcoal

Glowing embers lighting

With the ‘Symbio®’ light module, you can do even more justice to the image of glowing embers. Symbio® sends heat-free light to the coal bed above, making it glow a warm red. When the flames are low or switched off completely, the light of the Symbio® module creates extra atmosphere. The LED technology makes this module low in energy and completely free of heat. It is easy to operate with the remote control of the fire or with the Faber ITC app.

Symbio® is available for the MatriX series (gas, except for the Linear Fires) and is standard on the Faber Vejen.

No gas connection, but you would like a gas fire? No problem!

You don't have a permanent gas connection or you'd rather not be dependent on one? All Faber gas fires are suitable for use on propane gas or biopropane gas. The gas does not come via the gas pipe to the gas fire, but through smartly connected gas bottles. You can enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of the gas fire of your choice, even without a natural-gas connection.

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