Faber MatriX fires

A Faber fire to suit your life.

Create your own Faber fire

The MatriX series offers the best of Faber. All MatriX fires are equipped with the latest Honeywell technology, so your Faber fire is guaranteed to work safely and perfectly. Together with the Faber ITC app, your fire is easy to operate and you can be confident that your fire works to perfection.

Did you find a fire that suits you? Together with your Faber dealer we will design your dream fire, one that suits your taste and interior décor. We then build, set, test and install it especially for you.

Create your own Faber fire

The MatriX series is ‘modular’ in composition, so there is a step-by-step choice of dimensions, the numbers of sides to experience the fire, the decoration, the finish and more. Even the fuel is a choice - all gas versions are available for natural gas, propane or biopropane. Easy and convenient. Are you going for the emission-free electric version, the e-MatriX?

The Faber specialist is there for you throughout the entire process!

Did you find your favourite Faber fire? It will be built, set and tested by Faber, specifically for you, before we deliver it to the Faber specialist who will install it perfectly in your home.

You create your own Faber MatriX fire

Whatever your preference may be, you always have our enchanting, patented fire effect; fire that fuels the stories people tell each other. Our modular program consists of several models, formats and decoration options.

All Faber MatriX fires