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Gas fire versus hybrid fire: the pros and cons?

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Hybrid cars have become a normal part of global traffic over the past decades. After all, the combination of standard fuel and electricity cuts fuel consumption by half, when compared with a car run on petrol. So how does that compare with a gas fire? It's exactly the same!

If you’re thinking: less ‘real’ flames means a less realistic fire, think again.

More fire, less gas
Just like cars, the hybrid MatriX fireplaces by Faber are supported by electricity. Or more precisely: by LED lighting. It has been applied to partially replace the gas flames and to enrich the glowing fire. The result? A lot less gas is required and the flames are exceptionally intense. And please don’t worry: there’s no need for a charging station. A standard plug in a wall socket is enough.

Same convenience, more intense flames
The introduction of gas fireplaces triggered a revolution many years ago. Thanks to their convenience, safety, technology and appearance, gas fireplaces became an attractive alternative for wood fires, for example. The hybrid fireplace goes one step further again. If you’re thinking: less ‘real’ flames means a less realistic fire, think again. The LED technology actually adds a new dimension to gas fireplaces, allowing you to create even more impressive flames with the same convenience. All by simply pressing the remote control, or clicking your smartphone or tablet.

MatriX 1050-500 RD

Warmth and cosiness guaranteed
Less gas consumption is more sustainable. And let’s not forget that more and more houses are effectively insulated and equipped with efficient heating systems. That affects the function of gas fireplaces. They are no longer simply essential for heating purposes, but all the more for creating a cosy atmosphere! And that’s a good thing, because the Faber hybrid gas fireplaces were designed specially to give rich flames with the least possible gas consumption and limited heat production. In fact: thanks to the smart LED lighting, these fireplaces give perfect cosiness even without the use of the gas flames! When choosing a hybrid gas fireplace, you’ll enjoy the smart combination of atmosphere, efficient use of gas and reduced fireplace heat without having to accept low level flames.

Hybrid gas fireplaces: Faber or fable?
The options offered by the Faber MatriX fireplaces seem amazing. What is true?

  • Up to 50% or more gas savings, 100% fireplace experience
  • Up to 50% or more heat reduction, 100% flames
  • Cosy up in a single click
  • Warm glow, even without gas flames
  • The fireplace for any season

Faber makes the impossible possible!

Want to know how Faber makes it all possible? Check this out or visit your local Faber dealer.