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e-MatriX burner

The astonishing fire experience of the e-MatriX is due to a combination of swirling cold water vapor and energy-efficient (LED) lighting, without odor or smoke and therefore 100% sustainable. The result is pure enjoyment: a playful, three-dimensional fire image that moves upwards from the glow bed between the logs, to high at the top of the hearth.

wonderful heat in front of the fire

Warmth and comfort

Indulge in a cozy fireplace and experience warmth at its best. The e-MatriX comes with a built-in, compact, and whisper-quiet supplementary heating unit, ready to provide you with extra warmth whenever desired. Control of this unit is seamlessly integrated into the remote, allowing you to effortlessly adjust heat settings. With fully adjustable power of up to 2 kW, the e-MatriX is also perfect as a local supplementary heating solution in well-insulated homes.

Environmentally-friendly & energy-efficient

Fireplace of the future

The fire in our electric fireplaces is created by cold water vapour and energy-efficient LED lighting. Made from pure tap water and therefore with 0% harmful emissions. Energy consumption, without additional heating, is comparable to an average television. With thermostatic heating, interaction timer and open window detection where the fireplace identifies sudden temperature differences and switches off the heating, energy consumption can be reduced even further.

Antimicrobial treatment

All parts of our products that come into direct contact with water are equipped with the special antimicrobial silver ion technology. This technology proactively inhibits/disrupts the growth of bacteria/microbes and remains active throughout the life of the product, providing lasting protection. Proven to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99%.

Top light

Our optional mood top lighting takes the fire image of the e-MatriX to a lonely high level. The LED light optics of this option provide dynamic illumination of the entire fireplace interior.

You can easily set all options yourself via the Faber app, to suit your atmosphere, mood or style. Or choose one of the pre-programmed settings.

Bottom Light

The optional mood bottom lighting provides a remarkably warmer and even more natural appearance of the fire and glow image. Light intensity, dynamics and even the colors are extensively adjustable. An addition that enriches the look of the fireplace enormously and that you should therefore not miss! Available on all e-MatriX models.

Get more from your Faber fire

The Faber ITC app

Faber ITC (Intelligent Technical Control) is the way of operating your Faber fire with your smartphone or tablet. Besides the standard functions, Faber ITC also has a number of extra options. Follow your dreams with the pre-programmed‘romantic mood’ settingor set the room temperature or operating period from your phone or tablet. You can have the fire switch off automatically when nobody is at home. The Faber ITC also tracks the usage history and service needs and informs the app as soon as maintenance is required. This information helps the Faber specialist to provide even better maintenance.


A water pump kit can also be ordered especially for the e-Matrix and e-SliM Linear, which makes it possible to install these fireplaces without a central water connection. With the help of a separate reservoir and this water pump, this makes it possible to install the e-MatriX and E-SliM Linear even if no central water connection is possible.

Ceramic Logset

Our ceramic logs decoration set is of very high quality and can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. With the ceramic log set you opt for a timelessly classic look for your fireplace. This high-quality classic decoration set is the standard in all our fireplaces and fits into any interior.

Acrylic Deco set

Optionally you can choose the special Acrylic Ice decoration set. With this set you give your fireplace an ultra-modern look. The decoration set consists of specially developed transparency "ice shards" that cover the bottom of your fireplace.

Carrara Deco set

Optionally, you can also opt for a decoration set with Carrara pebbles. The famous Carrara pebbles are snow-white in color and fall under the marble types. This white type of marble has a luxurious appearance and comes into its own in modern sleek interiors.

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