Faber's Electric Fires

Beautiful flame, amazing ambiance without fuel or emissions. A Faber electric fireplace takes you into the future.

About Faber Electric Fire

A Faber electric fireplace delivers all the ambiance of a natural fire, yet without a fuel source or any emissions. Enjoy carefree operation virtually anywhere; operate a fireplace in your home, office, or in commercial spaces too. Electric fireplaces are suitable for almost any room and don't require major renovations to install. Choose from an incredible range of fireplace styles and sizes, with a variety of flame effects, log and media beds, and more. Discover how a Faber electric fireplace is for everyone!

The e-MatriX series

Built-in electric fires

Not having or not wanting natural gas, doesn't mean you can't experience the wonderful atmosphere of a fireplace in your home. A Faber e-MatriX fireplace brings great ambrince, without a fuel source to burn. The e-MatriX fireplace series uses unique technology that uses cold water mist and special LED lights to create the effects of a natural fire. You can even hear the crackling sounds. Enjoy everything you want from real log fire without the traditional restrictions of a fuel source and venting. The e-MatriX doesn't produce heat - so it doesn't impact your room heat. If you prefer to add some warmth, you can choose a small, silent heating unit (optional, an no additional cost).

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