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Faber Fires

Nothing is quite as cozy as a fire. For more than 175 years, we have been giving people a warm welcome to their own home.

Faber Fires

Gather around the fire and create that sense of togetherness easily. Turn on your favorite music and be with your favorite people in the natural warmth and ambiance of a fireplace. Stories emerge about the day, about the past and about our dreams for the future. These special moments are inspired by this relaxed space, and with Faber Fires, there is so much more to tell... Be mesmerized by the flames of a Faber Fire and get lost in the moment. Enjoy the beautiful flame effect, the classic style and true workmanship of every Faber fireplace. Whether you choose electric or gas, a Faber Fire will create an incredible atmosphere.

Fire Innovators

With 175 years of craftmanship, innovation, a visionary outlook and enthusiasm, we have become experts in fire. Faber is responsible for inventions that have become the standard in the international market - they are our pride and passion. Faber's greatest innovators help to develop the most beautiful ambient fires.

However, that desire goes beyond the flames to the connective and calming effect fireplaces have on us. We want you to enjoy a cozy atmosphere together with your friends and family.

Brand values


We create a warm world that invites you to share your stories. You are welcomed home when you have a Faber Fire.


We create a warm world that invites you to share your stories. You come home properly to a Faber Fire.


The very best quality is a given in everything we do and make, either now or in the future.


Light the spark of connection.