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Our passion goes beyond the most beautiful fire. It is about the warmth it creates. We want you to enjoy those intimate moments with friends and family. So we are offering you the option to make something special that really suits you.

About a Faber gas fire

Our gas fires are full of modern and innovative technology, which ensures you always enjoy the most beautiful flame effect. We can tell you all the details of course, but we’d rather tell you why this fire can be part of your life.
MatriX 1050-500 III
MatriX 1050-500 III

The MatriX series

Built-in gas fires

A Faber gas fire brings atmosphere and warmth to your home, so we believe it is important that the fire is the perfect addition. With the built-in models of our Matrix series you can create your Faber gas fire to your taste.

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A gas fire at home
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